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Love Song Website

We are always happy when we are recommended for work by one of our clients, and with Lovesong this was no exception. They were already working with Atelier Brenda, and wanted our support to bring their brand vision to life through the website.

They wanted a modern, minimalist website which heavily focussed the viewers attention onto the work itself with few distractions. We worked with the designs from Atelier Brenda and added our UX expertise and ensured the designs were flexed to work on any platform, always with an aim to support the beautifully unorthodox approach to design and UI.

We used our learnings from working with other moving image-based companies to create a custom video player for Lovesong that reflected their brand personality without detracting from the content itself.

Call outs

Our history within the Rosie Lee Group meant we were used to working with clients with very busy schedules and we managed to navigate this without any project delays.

We were delighted with Lovesong’s response to our work. They really spent the time to talk with us about how happy they are with the finished website.