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Stock X Skate x Sneakers

We’ve worked with StockX on a number of projects over the years. In our collaborations, the results are always innovative and challenging both technically and creatively. In this case we had an even bigger pool of collaborators who were all really inspirational to work with. (add details of collaborators)

The initial idea was around telling the story of the relationship between skate and sneaker culture over the entire history of skate, bringing in key moments, athletes, sneakers and insights to a sneaker-engaged audience.

We settled on a horizontal timeline as it gave us way more opportunities to be playful with movement and interactions relating to skating. This was not so easy to do - browsers are primarily based on vertical scrolling but we cracked it, mobile particularly caused us a few headaches along the way! Timings were tight but the people and content we were working with made the project a joy for us.

Throughout the project we were reminded how simple concepts, along with compassionate collaboration and shared responsibility can positively impact our projects and therefore benefit the primary brand on the project.


True collaboration with excellent contributors.

Horizontal scrolling storytelling was a challenge but we cracked it.

A storytelling first approach helped prioritisation and project decisions when timings are tight.