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Goal.com User Experience Evolution

We were asked to significantly evolve UX for the GOAL.com website, considering short term changes and long term vision. Virtue decided we were right for this project because of the experience they had with us on previous high profile projects. Key requirements included increasing pages per visit, improving engagement and implementing an evolved brand strategy

We worked directly with Virtue and GOAL.com with a range of stakeholders in an open, agile environment. We were really excited by the passion and drive of the entire team to get to some amazing step-change designs for the website.

This was our first pure UX / UI project as Rosie Lee Digital (separate from Rosie Lee Creative), where GOAL.com (as a digital first brand) were taking care of the build in-house. We expanded our team to include a senior UX designer with specialist expertise in football.

We created key focus areas for our work, including personalisation. Throughout the project we worked with Figma and Storybook, following Atomic Design Methodology to collaborate with different stakeholders and design / build experts using common tools and language.

We particularly enjoyed the scale and variety of the team involved in the project, and the trust that was given to us in designing their future user experience. We learned a lot about how critical it is to have the right partners on the project, and how to straddle the differing timescales of need, feeding a backlog of improvements for years to come.

What was the brief and what did we actually do?

Ask: Take a successful existing website, improve and make it better prepared for the future.

Ask: Increase user engagement - response: surface related content to users sooner and in a visually better way.

Ask: Improve website look & feel - Response: created a foundational design system and process that can be developed, built on, and improved over the coming years.

Ask: Increase content type - response: Offer a wider range of football-related content to users like football culture and lifestyle section, design modules that held more types of content and present it better


Very large scale, technically savvy client.

Strategic and detailed requirements led to holistic upgrades to site.

Combining fresh brand strategy with modern UX standards to create a unique, directional customer experience.

Navigating variety of complex priorities and stakeholders, culminating in a unified plan.