Timberland Boot Shrine

During Rosie Lee Creative’s design work on the new Timberland flagship store in New York, we collaborated on an iconic new element for the space - the Boot Shrine.

The brief was to create an interactive “retail shrine” for the Original Yellow Boot aka 10061, to be engaging, informative and allow customers a chance to connect with Timerbland’s rich history and role in culture.

We created the concept for the Boot Shrine, undertook the UX design and Against Time created the 3d components for the interactive timeline, working alongside Phygital who built and installed the final reactive display in store.

The interactive display allowed customers to swipe through a digital timeline to learn about key points in Timberland’s history, their innovative products, origin stories and cultural moments as well as having a greater understanding of the product benefits.

They could also pick up a boot from the display that triggered the screen, to show a 3D version of the boot. The physical display has a gyro installed so that when it is moved, the movement is mirrored on screen. As the user rotates the boot in their hands, they get to see all the product benefits on screen, creating a unique and elevated retail experience.