Coty Marc Jacobs Daisy

Coty approached us to create a new retail environment post-COVID. We were tasked with creating a disruptive and first-of-its-kind experience that could be translated into a virtual store and pop-up for Marc Jacobs.

The goal was to create an interactive experience that could be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. We also wanted to create a consistent online and offline experience for a global audience. Additionally, we wanted to leverage the platform to build retailer partnerships and exclusivity. Finally, we wanted to create a first-of-its-kind holistic brand educational tool.

We designed the experience to be a contrast between the worlds of Daisy and Perfect. Both worlds are magical and mysterious, but they also have their own unique qualities. Daisy is free and exaggerated, while Perfect is surreal and elegant. We played with gravity and made the ordinary extraordinary. We also used subtle audio to immerse users in the experience.

The experience is magical and surreal. It interlinks the Perfect and Daisy spaces with portal doors. Users can discover the ingredients through a fun virtual installation. There are also activities to engage with the campaign and encourage sharing. Finally, there are activities to unlock customization.

We were able to create a mesmerizing virtual world that serves as an immersive gateway into the enchanting universe of Marc Jacobs fragrance. Our innovative platform provides an unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to indulge their senses and embrace the essence of Marc Jacobs in a way like never before.

Concept sketches for Coty Marc Jacobs Virtual Pop Up Store.