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Berlin Braves Sports Club Website

The Berlin Braves decided to embark on a major progression, from running club to multi-team Sports Foundation meant they needed to reposition themselves and upgrade their digital presence.

We collaborated with Berlin Braves to significantly upgrade the aesthetic and infrastructure of the website. We were afforded a lot of creative freedom, which coupled with the overall attitude of the club meant we were able to truly experiment with how they showed up online.

The project needed to be relatively lean, so we built on WordPress and WooCommerce. Our web designer, Zelda, took matters into her own hands and created a vibrant, css-busting, loaded-with-great-type design for the site that really pushed things forward for Berlin Braves.

To see what we’ve achieved, your best bet is to take a look at the live site. We are often asked to get involved again to iterate the site for new functionality.

Call Outs

Epic font stack and type-heavy designs.

Variety of mouse hover states make you want to explore the site.

Simple, webstore overhaul put product first.

Holistic approach to sport, life and retail.

Website accommodates a vast variety of content and formats